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12.05.2006. 7th KIAF: additional services for participants and guests
06.04.2006. Award Ceremony of the 7th KIAF, Or "7 samurais unsheathing the swords" as heroic drama with reality show elements and inescapable happy end.

In times of feudal wars in Japan even didnt suspect that after 4-5 centuries in the expanses of far country Ukraine, that situated at big continent, samurais will have to unsheathe the swards again in the Great Battle for possession of advertising space.

31.03.2006. Designers Jury of the 7th KIAF is "packed"
Contests of Graphic design and POS materials and Label and Packaging at Kiev International Advertising Festival are judging by jury composed only from experienced Art Directors and tried designers.
30.03.2006. Kiev samurais who are they? The Main Jury Staff of the 7th KIAF

The Main Jury of the 7th Kiev International Advertising Festival will appraise festival worksof "TV advertising", "Print", "Outdoor billboards and posters" and "Radio" categories.

28.03.2006. 7th KIAF announcing Advertisers Jury
Traditionally at Kiev International Advertising Festival list of contests is judging not by agencies representatives but by their clients advertisers.
Right to determine who is the best in contests of advertising and PR campaigns, BTL and DM projects is exactly committed to marketing directors of big companies.
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