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06.04.2006   Award Ceremony of the 7th KIAF, Or "7 samurais unsheathing the swords" as heroic drama with reality show elements and inescapable happy end.

In times of feudal wars in Japan even didn’t suspect that after 4-5 centuries in the expanses of far country Ukraine, that situated at big continent, samurais will have to unsheathe the swards again in the Great Battle for possession of advertising space.  

Heroes of the battle – samurais of 21st century, just as their Japanese predecessors didn’t  look as pretty heroes of American westerns, who always know where is true and where is victory. They are quite reliable characters, bright and expressive representatives of advertising agencies and creative unions. The best will get their awards according to his deserts and could eat sushi from prize plate or fry fish “fuga” on prize frying pan of the 7th KIAF.

Wind is carrying away sakura’s petals , first rays of the sun are sliding on slopes of Fuji… Conclusion of the Great Battle will come during Award Ceremony. Then victorious samurais will unsheath their swards not for battle but for celebrating the victory and bathing in the rays of glory. This will happen oh 2 of June, 2006 at the stage of National Academic Dramatic Theatre named after Ivan Franko which under creative supervision of real samurais – "Dva Tovarischa", in run of Award Ceremony will turn into Japanese theatre Kabuki named after Franko-san.

Sward is raised.

T hird hour the hangman is still.

At shining blade the butterfly is slipping.

Applications’ receiving for participation at KIAF is taking place at web site http://www.adfestival.com.ua

Deadline – 22 o April, 2006.

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