Киевский международный фестиваль рекламы
/ Event programm / 30 of May

Event programm. 30 of May

30 of May, halls of cinema center "Zoryany"
Small Hall

  • 13-00
    Press-conference, dedicated to opening of the 7th KIAF.
  • from 14-00
    Public hearing of the contest works
    – contests’ finalists.
    • М-1. Electronic mass-media and cinema
    • М-1-3. McDonald's Quest, Optimum Media OMD, Moscow.
    • М-1-4. Foxtrot Adviser, Talan Proximity Ukraine, Kiev.
    • М-1-6. Postcard from Narnia, Starcom Ukraine, Kiev.

    • М-2. Print media, transport and outdoor media solutions
    • М-2-1. MMS – Make Me famouS!, APR Media Services, Moscow.
    • М-2-8. Chesterfield Windows, Starcom Ukraine, Kiev.
    • М-2-9. В круге первом/The First Circle, FCB MA, Moscow.

    • М-3. Special events, sponsorship
    • М-3-1. Tuborg Loud & Live!, APR Media Services, Moscow.
    • М-3-4. Getting up!, Starcom Ukraine, Kiev.

    • М-4. Integrated media solutions, non-traditional media
    • М-4-1. Sobriety test, FCB MA Ukraine, Kiev.
    • М-4-4. Your journey starts here!, Leo Burnett Ukraine, Kiev.
    • М-4-6. UFO Traces, Сергей Нагих, Sykvytar.

    • М-5. Target audience impact
    • М-5-1. Recipe for Success, APR Media Services, Moscow.
    • М-5-7. Измерь свое дыхание/ Measure your breath, Kryn, Minsk.
    • M-5LM1. Jacobs coffee mats, Starcom Ukraine, Kiev.

  • from 20-30
    7th KIAF opening party. Prosto Radi.O & 10 Days invite.
In a program could be changes and additions, look for further information at web site of the Festival.
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