30-05-2009 11:13
Kievstar and Allukrainian Advertizing Coalition announced the competition on the best idea for the social advertising on the topic "Children safety in the mobile internet"

Within the framework of the 10th Kiev International Advertising Festival the competition on the best idea for the social advertising within the Kievstar program started. The topic of the competition is "Children safety in the mobile internet".

А year to year internet penetrates deeper into everyday life of Ukrainians. It is strengthened with a possibility of internet use not only by means of the personal computer, but also by means of mobile telephone. According to the last researches, about 35% of modern children are getting their first mobile telephone, majority of which have the function of access to internet, in the age of  8 years. Now there are about 6 million users of the mobile internet in the Kievstar network. Thus the question of forming internet using culture among adults and providing the safe use of the mobile internet by children is very important. The largest national operator of the mobile internet, Kievstar, carrying responsibility for services, given to the subscribers, begins the program "Children safety in the mobile internet". One of the first steps of realization of the program is a competition of the thematic social advertising.

Chief of department of corporate connections of Kievstar Zhanna REVNOVA:

«According to the researches data, third of users of the mobile internet are young people, who because of  the absence of vital experience often can not define a verge after which, for example, intercourse passes to manipulation. That is why, most parents do not know about dangers that can be waiting for children in the mobile internet. Therefore one of key trends of our program will be the social advertising, aiming to explain the parents and teachers the possible risks, and to stimulate to teaching children and teenagers the correct and safe use of the mobile internet. And the competition will define, what this advertising will exactly be».

Executive director of Allukrainian Advertizing Coalition Maksim LAZEBNIK:

«Social advertising competition is firstly held in the history of KIAF. The Kievstar program "Children safety in the mobile internet" is not only claimed by society but also opens the wide field for creative and professional realization of advertisings agencies. From my side I will be helping the winner competition to take part in domestic and international festivals».

The best idea of the social advertising "Children safety in the mobile internet" will be realized by the winner agency to the end of 2009. Internet and press will become the main medias of the program realization.

Entries are accepted till July, 31, 2009 on the address, a winner will be known in August.

More detailed familiarizing with brief is possible here:

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