Big Jury

Estimates works in following competitions: TV advertising, Print advertising, OOH advertising and Radio advertising from KIAF's main program.

Grand jurymen work independently from each other, discussion of the works does not occur, one week (7 days) is given to estimate competitive works.

The works are estimated by their electronic view. The marks are put in binumeral code: 1/0. Judges can (!) vote for the works of the agency, where the jury member works, i.e. to estimate their own works. After the voting, each works get a certain number of points.

Work is considered to pass preliminary selection if it has got more than 20% of voices. Only these works are considered by the KIAF's Creative jury. The Creative jury also defines prize-winners of the Festival. The works which have got 50 % and more of voices from judges, are considered as KIAF's finalists (those, who entered a short list).

Besides the Grand jury holds audit of the works submitted on competitions about loan and-or secondarinesses of advertising ideas and creative decisions. In a case if such are found out, KIAF's Organizing committee transfers this data to the Creative jury, the members of which accept the final decision about disqualification of work in case of obvious plagiarism, or about refusal to include the given works to the winners if the facts of loan of idea are obviously visible.

KIAF's organizing committee has decided to formalize as much as possible this year's conditions of selection of Grand jurymen of Festival. They are creative directors of the Ukrainian and Russian agencies, which were taking part in national advertising creative competitions. They are in fact the representatives of Russian ADCR and Ukrainian KAKADU Awards.

The representatives of the Ukrainian KAKADU Awards:

  • Pavel Boroday, Studio Design, Кiev
  • Claus-Steffen Braun, Leo Burnett Ukraine, Kiev
  • Eduard Buchenko, Marketing House, Odessa
  • Oleg Govras, Design and advertising studio SOLASS, Cherkassy
  • Yuriy Gorbachevskiy, Desyatka, Kiev
  • Slava Denis, Young&Rubicam, Kiev
  • Svetlana Dorosheva, EuroRSCG New Europe, Kiev
  • Damir Enaliev, Sablya, Kiev
  • Anze Jereb, Kaffeine Communications, Kiev
  • Egor Kharkov, MEX, Kiev
  • Andrey Kopots, Add Value, Kiev
  • Bogdan Kravchenko, ISKRA, Кiev
  • Sergey Krivosheya, EuroRSCG Kiev, Кiev
  • Lilya Lylyk, Kinograf, Kiev
  • Aleksey Pasichnik, Adventa LOWE, Kiev
  • William Rast, Ogilvy, Kiev
  • Jovan Rocanov, KENSU, Кiev
  • Aleksandr Rodionov, SAHAR, Kiev
  • Svyatoslav Spector, B.I.T.A. Advertising, Kiev
  • Dmitry Chebotkov, elvisPelvis, Kiev
  • Kirill Chichkan, Provid, Kiev

The list of the representatives of the Russian ADCR is currently in forming stage.

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