28-05-2009 09:06
How to force the Internet to work


On May, 27th in the Blue hall of the House of Cinema there has passed the seminar of Alexey Chuksin, the director for marketing of Meta, devoted to Internet marketing. During the seminar participants of the Festival have familiarised with statistics of the Ukrainian Internet, and also have heard set of a good advice how «to force the Internet to work». Here are only some of them.

The Internet is the unique interactive media carrier. For many users it is not only an information source, but also the high-grade "friendly" environment of dialogue. Here they spend a considerable part of time, communicating and scooping for the actual information.

This involvement of the user raise trust level to the advertising information.

The Ukrainian Internet audience according to the researches of companies Gemius and Gfk makes for today 7,5 million persons and constantly grows. The majority of Internet users are susceptible to the new. They possess high level of culture and social activity.

In conditions when the person cannot neither touch nor smell what he wishes to buy, he needs to trust the seller only. For this reason much depends on how much the advertiser can justify expectations of the buyer. Competitors are in the Internet close than anywhere, - on a distance of one "click". Therefore the first positive experience of purchase is especially important, after all about negative experience learns much bigger quantity of people, much faster.

Selecting a platform for advertising placing, it is important to pay attention to geography of visitors, the relation of hits to hosts, time spent on a site, a share of a constant and new audience, sources of the traffic, crossing of audiences.

The most effective kind of advertising on the Internet is contextual advertising as the announcement corresponds to target inquiry of the consumer. Its advantages are the high trust of potential clients to results of search, coverage of only target audience, simplicity of creation of advertising campaigns and management of them, instant reaction of system and payment for transition of the potential client to a site of the advertiser. It is possible to carry absence of possibility of exact forecasting of the budget and rather high cost of transition on highly competitive subjects to its lacks.

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