28-05-2009 09:00
Marketing in recession. The most courageous and truthful will survive


A rather unusual performance/seminar is included in the program of 10th KIAF - jam session in crisis style under the name "All will die, and you remain" from marketing advisers Grigory Trusov, president of consulting company "Contact-expert" and Igor Romanov, psychiatrist, operating partner of "Contact-expert".

Grigory Trusov and Igor Romanov speak of how crisis affects client business and how not to lose efficiency, and also what advertising agencies should do in present conditions.

There appeared a considerable quantity of clients which worked in the scarce or pseudo-scarce markets where marketing tools have not been strongly claimed. It was unnecessary to invest in system marketing to, for example, developers who could simply show the place and tell that there will be a house there, and that was enough for the house to be immediately sold. Such clients, really, did not see advantage in use of system marketing tools. Now, when the scarce markets have completely disappeared, when the consumer concerns a choice of the organisation in which to leave money, much more carefully, there appeared clients from the industries which were sceptical about marketing earlier.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that tools which worked yesterday not necessarily will work tomorrow. Unfortunately, to us it is more habitual to be engaged in what we can, to offer the same tools which do not demand special loading on a head or creativity from agency. Client needs other tools now, and not always advertising agencies are ready to reconstruct the conveyor, the assortiment of services. Therefore it is suggested to them not to sit, waiting for the crisis to end, expecting the clients to agree to play previous games, and actively include head and to understand that without offering new, adequate tools in crisis, not always that, which worked earlier, they can not favourably differ from other agencies which run on the market.

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