27-05-2009 11:16
Creative Jury of the 10th KIAF promises to be very strict with the participants of competition

Though the official first day of the 10-th Kiev International Advertising Festival is today, on May, 27, for the jurymen of the Festival it is the valuable second day of work already. 8 sets of judges who estimate works in 14 contests, yesterday all days long estimated works and formed first short-lists. In general, experts mark the low enough percent of indeed good and creative ideas and promise to be maximum strict to the participants and hard at the choice of prizewinners and winners. was succeeded to take the exclusive comments of members of Creative Jury, on shoulders of which lies judging of contests not only of television, printing, OOH- and radio ads, and ad photo, but also a choice of Grand Prix winner of Festival. Their first impressions after the first hard working day during which they had time to form short-list of TV-ads and practically to finish with the press advertising, we offer to the readers:

Sergio Rodriguez, Chairman of Creative Jury, creative director of Leo Burnett and Arc Italy, Milan:

 «We only began working, and it does not make sense to talk on the whole about tendencies, while short-list is not formed. This was only the first day of judging, but I was indeed very happy with some good and creative ideas. Now I can already say, that many good ideas «limps» a little in execution. We live in very much hard from the economic point of view period of time, and in estimation of festival works idea is primary, while the execution can be shifted to the second plan. I do not want to undertake responsibility and to cut on a really good idea only because of the not the highest possible level of its realization. May by, an advertiser did not simply have a sufficient budget. Therefore the message of today, I would say, is «Let us talk ideas!»



Irina Demidova, creative director ISKRA, Kiev.

«It is impossible to say that present results did not justify expectations. But however... Maybe, it is fully predictable within the framework of crisis situation. It was certainly a bit sad to all, I mean the members of creative jury. All members of jury had initially a few pessimistic mood, because it looked as if there was no what to choose from. But it was on TV. Then, when prints came, it appeared, that there were much more strong works. Good ideas are always evident at once, but their amount is not so great. Some works were quite not to the place, they caused a simultaneous reaction of jurymen: «what is it?».
Andis Zusts, director general King & Banzai, Riga.

«Actually, we lust began our judging. But personally I expected a slightly higher level. Too few of works got into short-list of TV contest. But it is apparently so because we were very hard and strict about their estimation. Those works which will get rewards, I am sure, will be able to come forward to other international advertising festivals and expect for high estimations».




William Rast, creative director Ogilvy Group, Kiev.

«I am not ready to tell anything concrete, while we will not be determined finally with the short-list. But we indeed judge very hardly».





Oleg Lapshin, creative director Grey, Moscow.

«Since Internet entered in our life, we see the winners of any festivals at once, even if we are not present there physically. It was so before, that if you did not go to Cannes or to Golden Drum, you don't know for long, who was rewarded there. At short notice any strong work become known at once. And in principle, the festival world is so arranged, that the same works are going from festival to festival. It is obvious that once the agency did something outstanding, it uses it everywhere. Therefore the result here can appear fully predictable, because from times of the Minsk «White square» and of Novosibirsk «Idea!» there could not appear many new works.

Sure, in any festival an idea is estimated, foremost. But practice shows that all of it is good, while a jury does not reach directly to the rewards. And silver ordinary differs from gold not only by idea, but yet by its execution. The quality of art-direction especially important is in prints and in OOH».

Oleg Romanov, creative director EFECTA BBDO, Minsk.

«It is yet early to talk something concrete, but, honestly speaking, I am not impressed»


Victor Nemchenko, creative director Saatchi & Saatchi, Almaty.

«On a general crisis background the stagnation of advertising business is felt. And we didn't see yet any hyper-ideas here? That emerged in crisis period. Nevertheless there is a feeling, that this new, crisis period will become a basis for new decisions. Certain echoes are already visible. A lot of interesting instruments and ideas certainly will appear in the Internet. But in general expectations concerning festival content were bigger. But nevertheless, there was a pool tj choose from, and it makes us happy».


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