27-05-2009 12:36
What for the creative is necessary and How much it costs


On May, 29th at 11.30 on KIAF themes "What for the creative is necessary" and «How much it costs» will be discussed by the two most experienced experts of the sphere of marketing communications, working in Group ADV in Russia and Ukraine.

Speakers: Alexander Alekseev (Russia), the co-chairman of KIAF's Jury of campaigns, the adviser for creative of Group ADV, and Elena Kustova (Ukraine), vice-president on creative and marketing service of Group ADV Ukraine.

Alexander Alekseev - one of the most experienced creative directors in Russia, creative director of Znamenka and the adviser of Group ADV for a creative, president of the Art directors club of Russia (ADCR) - will tell «What for the creative» is necessary.

Performance structure:

  • Consumption models: traditional and venture.
  • Creative idea as the creation tool.
  • Creative problems - to involve, entertain, hook and not to release (on examples of works of Prize-winners of ADCR Awards 2009).

Elena Kustova - one of the most experienced managers of the Ukrainian market of marketing communications, supervisor over creative and marketing of agencies of Group ADV Ukraine, will tell «How much the creative costs».

Performance structure:

  • Evolution of the model of calculation of compensation to creative agencies over the last 10 years.
  • Most widespread model of compensation to the agency (FTE\hours). Its pluses and minuses for the client and for agency
  • Advertising agency should be profitable.
  • Model of compensation to the agency, to which progressive clients move

Performance will pass on May, 29th at 11.30 - 12.30 in the Red hall of the House of Cinema

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