19-05-2009 10:53
InMind will present the report on Ukrainian prospects of coolhunting for experts in marketing and advertising on KIAF

Marketing knows many tools allowing ambitious players in the various markets to hold a hand on consumer pulse, to advance competitors, to differ. One of such tools is coolhunting, a specially organized search of really unusual ideas in real life. Or - in another way: search of vital insights, actual for the most active, advanced, influential target audience.

As coolhunting answers the question what is cool now, its results answer a question how to make the brand, the product, advertising really cool. Brand "coolness" in information sated and economically instable world is one of the basic "anchors" adhering the consumer to the brand and giving reason for his choice at other equal price offers.

"Cool brand" is not only the brand which allows the client to underline individuality and originality, to be allocated from the crowd. In a broad sense "Cool" is what allows to make the world around and the person better and more correct, sometimes contrary to mainstream expectations. As beatniks and black jazzmen were "cool" in the fifties, now the "coolness" is shown through the phenomena appealing to the general, "correct" values - the ecological initiatives opened for all web 2.0 products, high professionalism etc. Brands, which realize similar values receive the status of "cool" or "cult" among consumers.

Coolhunting is often associated with the fashion-industry, however it has big potential for the mass markets in other categories: telecommunications, transport, FMCG, media - everywhere where there are active consumers. And coolhunting can be claimed not only by big international companies, but also local - morally ready to actively, creatively work with the target audience.

Coolhunting is called a practice on the verge of art as its methodology is in many respects intuitive, and coolhunters are spoke to be those people who naturally feel what will be Cool in the near future. However it does not mean that coolhunting procedure cannot be repeated and built up as one tools of the marketing analysis: there are cases of successful realization of coolhunting activities both in-house and by means of special research agencies.

We invite you to talk about all these aspects of still little-known in Ukraine coolhunting during the InMind report, which will be presented by Julia Masienko within the limits of 10th Kiev International Advertising Festival on May, 28th.

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