09-04-2009 10:20
Margarita Vasilyeva and Andrey Nadein will conduct the seminars devoted to advertising and branding

Probably, each festival has "favourites". For KIAF one of those for many years are leading Russian experts in the field of advertising and the fellow workers in the «Advertising ideas» magazine Margarita Vasilyeva and Andrey Nadein. Their seminars traditionally collect the overflowed halls.

This year Margarita Vasilyeva (St.-Petersburg), general director of the «Paprika branding» consulting firm ( and creative editor of the «Advertising Ideas» magazine will conduct the seminar «Brand stories: fake and real».

As from a small seed of tobacco comes a plant giving millions of the same seeds for the blessing of the tobacco companies, an image put in a name of a brand should generate the Big Story with Continuation. The Big Story will develop in brand myth, in visuals, in advertising plots, in texts of any length. Continuations of the Big Story will be waited for by brands-managers, distributors, consumers. And the brand will live long and happily. But for this purpose you should have a real Big Story, instead of a little fake one. What are the true possibilities of the Big Story? How to distinguish the Big Story from small and fake one? That's the content of a master class!

Margarita got her first education on biophysics, after that finished the Leningrad State University, journalism faculty.

Margarita Vasilyeva's first advertising campaign in Saatchi and Saatchi is the launch of coffee Tchibo on the Russian market.

Worked in Ri-Vita DDB, developed brands and made advertising for such companies as Citizen, Fazer, Henkel, Libero, Libress, Nokia, Oriflame, P&G, Tchibo, Pentax, Rive Gauche, "Darya", "Multon", "Pjaterochka" and many other companies. The author of the book «Brand: force of the personality», and also sets of articles in the Russian and foreign professional press.

At the moment together with «Paprika branding» Margarita develops names and concepts of brands, systems of identity and strategic creative ideas.

The theme of the seminar of Andrey Nadein (St.-Petersburg), editor-in-chief of  the «Advertising Ideas» magazine, is «Make content instead of advertising.

The huge army of consumers armed with photo- and videocameras in mobile phones, means of sms and powerful Internet channels for data transmission - actually, is the army of quasi-journalists. And it demands, simply thirsts a material! They search everywhere! And they are able to separate accurately advertising from real. Therefore, today everything that is similar to advertising - means less than news or interesting data. Give people what they wait for - the content. It can be anything you like: news, helpful information, entertainment, game, dialogue, sensation, and even simply curious object or the phenomenon. There is nothing more pleasant than the moment when you are called by your acquaintances and ask: «Have you already seen it?!»

Since 1999 Andrey is a constant judge of the European advertising competition Epica Awards. Andrey also worked in jury of such festivals as «Idea!», IAF, IAF, was the chairman of jury of the Russian advertising competition «Press Prize» (St.-Petersburg, 1999). In 2003 together with Margarita Vasilyeva has published the book «Brand: force of the person». For the promotion of the «Advertising Ideas» magazine has received "gold" on MIAF in 2005. In 2007 as the founder of the magazine has received all-ukrainian award «Trace in advertising».

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