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Партнер номинации "Звезды в рекламе"
11-02-2008 14:30
KIAF prizes will be packed. 9th KIAF's corporate style is developed in Udmurt region

Will the small fish get away? I think it will. At least I'm its fan. But I wish the big fish caught the works of the contest participants. And I can explain why.

"Our festival's logo is the foundation of the whole corporate style. It remains unchanged in any situation", - says Maxim Lazebnik, producer of Kyiv International Advertising Festival. That is true. Otherwise we would not be so delighted when we found a purse in the form of a fish which guzzled the smaller one, in a Chinese antique shop in Singapore. "That's Kyiv International Advertising Festival!" - we thought immediately. We felt homesick. The concept was born on the spot. We are designers, so we think in objects: a fish-formed purse - Kyiv - advertising - plates - bag for awards. One fish will eat up the other one along with the plate. All this bundled in a clear and evident chain. The jury fishes out the best works and offers everyone present its catch to look, compare, make an effort to reach them. Selected and packed.

I love Kyiv International Advertising Festival because of its warmth, fun and richness. Besides, we've been lucky participants of the Festival from the very first time. Every time when we get "Kyiv festival plates" we think of where to put them not to break, as we were having a party later that evening and a long journey home afterwards. By the way, to get back home we need to travel by plane, then by train and finally on dears. By the way, everyone here in Udmurt region travels on dears. So, our idea was as warm and colorful as our attitude to the Festival. We decided to make the fish, the logo of the festival, an award BEARER in the literal sense of a word, and put it in the middle of the corporate style, focus on the brand. We wanted to make the whole style look very bright, fun, warm, alive and light as wind in May, light and hand-written as a notebook note. The fish will guzzle your plate. The chain will continue. And the life will continue. The plane, the train, dears...

Design-studio "Muhina" has been working and is still working on the project.

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