17-03-2009 20:08
KIAFs design jury will be headed by Alexey Andreev

 The head of design jury of the Kiev International Advertising Festival this year is one of trailblazers in the field of brand-design in Russia, president of branding company Depot WPF, Academician of the Russian Academy of Advertising, jury member of the Brand of the Year/EFFIE Alexey Andreev. Organizers of the festival are happy that Alexey, behind whos shoulders lie more than twenty prestigious Russian and international awards, with pleasure have agreed to take direct part in KIAF not only as a competitor, but also in a role of one of rulers of destinies of the festival.

Working in the advertising industry since 1993, Alexey Andreev by right is considered one of the founders of the Russian branding and design market. In 1998 he founded Depot WPF - the first Russian specialised agency in the field of package design which since 2004 gives full range of branding services. In 2007 the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia named Depot WPF «the Most creative branding agency of year». Agency works have been estimated both in the homeland, and abroad. Depot WPF has such prestigious awards as EFFIE / BEST BRAND ' 2000, 2008; EPICA AWARDS 2006, 2007; Golden Drum 2006, 2007, Golden Hammer 2008, ADCR 2007, 2008, Moscow International Advertising Festival 1998-2008, Kiev International Advertising Festival 2000, 2006-2008 and National Advertising Festival Idea! 2008.

«Why is the crisis good? At least because it is unconditional check, the moment of thruth. All comes back to its places: things find the real price, secret becomes obvious, the peel flies, as last year's foliage. And together with it - all imaginary values, illusions and authorities. Whether it is good? From the medical point of view - yes.

How many new nonsenses I have heard for last months! The first and the basic are forecasts. Everyone has rushed to predict the future: doomsday date, falling, or dollar supergrowth, disappearance of the markets and even war. It is said that manufacturers need to go to a low-segment, to freeze projects, consumers - to pass to a pasture, and experts in marketing - to hang up. And what do we have to do, advertisers?

I do not support guessing on a coffee thick, hysterical throwings, no less than passive expectation of an outcome. I and my command profess an old military rule: not to stop moving!

The same I advise to everyone», - Alexey Andreev says.

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