13-03-2009 13:43
Kiev International Advertising Festival comes back again to the fish place

 This year KIAF will pass under the roof of the Cinema House. Organizers of festival have decided to return to a long time familiar «fish place», the walls of which remember joyful and vigorous atmosphere of the actions, which were invariably passing there in 2002-2005.

The decision to move was accepted not because of mercantile reasons and crisis motivation. Yes, from the point of view of purely organising moments two halls of the House of the Cinema, one of which with capacity of 180 persons is always jam-packed, and the second, built for 670 persons, even having 400-500 visitors seemed to be half empty, could not be considered ideal for festival. But, having visited "Zorjanyj" cinema and Commercial and industrial chamber, KIAF organising committee was once again convinced that the grass is always greener on the other side and any place has both certain lacks and advantages. Probably, someone would say that returning to the Cinema House is an attempt to return to irrevocably left past. But it not so, after all the festival, as well as the market, develops and improves.

However, we will not deny certain nostalgia on fish spirit of the old kind Cinema House, after all in these walls the greatest quantity of festival small fishes has been handed over. And everyone surely misses the little buffet, where during the break you could order yourself some cognac.

Vitaly Kokoshko, director, "Kinograf":

«Cinema House  is an ideal platform. The place is filled with advertising party, with the unique power, and, besides, providing a full cycle of festival existence. Visitors and participants of the festival come here for the whole day. It is convenient, because it in the centre, comfortable, because the building is compact and spacious, everything and everyone is visible, and there are good small restaurants nearby, where it is possible to have a drink with friends and colleagues, and of course a must-have - a cup of coffee in the buffet. People come here for pleasant dialogue, for interesting conversations and for a good portion of inspiration. Judging by presence of festival spirit, from all the possible places of carrying out, the Cinema House is the most favourite. So there we will meet».

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