13-03-2009 12:45
Journalists of "" will cover events of the 10th KIAF

  Since early childhood organising committee of the Kiev International Advertising Festival loved the quote that "economy should be economical". Now to the list of its favourite word-combinations an "optimisation of expenses" was added. This new passion has an extremely mediocre relation to the current economic situation, after all  - the love to economy in the meaning of getting something for free is beyond space and time. And may be it's just a trait of our character? A national one?

This year KIAF organising committee has decided to save even on writing of festival news. No, it does not mean that news about KIAF will no more be read by anybody. Management of the festival has just decided «to optimise expenses» in the best spirit of the age, having refused to involve foreign journalistic resources for the preparation and festival carrying out coverage, and to load editorial collective of with additional duties, luckily the last shares the same office with the KIAF management. Now the journalists of "" will work on two fronts: covering and analyzing latest developments of the domestic advertising market, and also informing the public about everything that goes on around the brightest event for the Ukrainian advertising community - KIAF.

Wait for the further news of 10th KIAF.

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