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27-05-2008 08:19
Industry of marketing services in Ukraine and in Russia. Present and future

Advertising  is the most  fascinating thing that can be done without undressing

Jerry Della Femina (р.1936), American manager in area of advertising

Marketing services agency Progression Ukraine presents a lecture on the topic:

«Industry of marketing services in Ukraine and Russia. Present and future».

The presentation will take place on May 30 at the Kiev International Advertising Festival. Progression's top management from Russia and Ukraine will present for Festival participants.

The lecture will discuss the most interesting and controversial topics at the market:

  • Situation in Ukraine: economic and political factors. New law on advertising;
  • Ukrainian advertising market;
  • Russian advertising market: numbers, facts, trends;
  • Key trends. Technology. The role of Internet and multimedia;
  • Client behavior: are they ready to risk and buy creative non-standard decisions? Are ready to spend money on it? Clients became more exigent. The tendency of conducting of tenders for every separate project is clearly shown. It became far more interesting, but also more difficult to win projects, taking into account strong competition at the market among advertisings agencies. More and more complex integrated programs appear. What exactly does the client expect from agencies, and what is he ready to pay for?
  • What is a modern consumer like? He is different, demanding and wants an action, interactive involvement. He needs to be surprised, in different ways, taking into account the specifics of every region as well as the social status of consumers. Cases and mechanics of different projects.
  • Where are the Western advertising markets heading? What should we expect in the future?

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