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26-05-2008 07:18
Vlast deneg + KIAF = Effective creativity


The editorial board of magazine « » set up a nomination "Effective creativity" for participants of the contest "Print advertising" of 9th Kyiv International Advertising Festival.

The nomination "Effective creativity" will be presented to a contest' work author for boldness, newness and commercial effectiveness of advertising layout.

"It's not a secret that a Ukrainian consumer has become more sophisticated for the last years. And it's not so easy to convince him and moreover urge him on buying. That's why a wish of trademarks to single themselves out of the others, to make themselves known is understood" - noted Oksana Mytnitskaya, a chief editor of " ". "The best designers' intellects of a country are thrown onto solving this task. But let's be candid: there are very few of real creative and effective ideas that can fulfill the main advertisement task - to sell the goods.

Effective creativity is the main credo of our edition. On market of print business mass media we took a very unique position, mixing an easy-to-understand and professional presentation of facts with bright visual images and uncommon covers. Just such an approach provided " " with the leading role on the market in short terms. That's why we as nobody else know the difficulty of reaching the balance in the issue of effectiveness and creativity. Just the experience obtained urged us to set up a nomination "Effective creativity"

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