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Партнер номинации "Звезды в рекламе"
23-05-2008 06:49
"ARTICHOKE" (“ARTandSHOCK”): The parade of advertising nonsense under fanfares of Advertology.Ru

For about 5 years the portal of Advertology.Ru has been arranging the show of foolish advertising. Conditions are simple: people send in the photos of the observed mistakes and drawbacks, and on a certain day all of these precious shots are uploaded to the portal, and voting begins.

The prizes are the well-known «Books with ARTpictures», but, certainly, they go not to the winners, but the observers - the most terrible and malicious. But, well,  who can be more nasty than advertisement makers? And that is especially for them that Valentina Krylova, the editor-in-chief of portal Advertology.Ru, will make a session of humiliation with the saleout and lots of Homeric laughter for «the best of the best » works of "ARTICHOKE" (ARTandSHOCK).on May, 30th at 16.45 at the 9th Kiev International Festival of Advertising.

Valentina Krylova answers our questions:

  • - What is "ARTICHOKE" for? For fun?
  • - Certainly. But laughing at others' mistakes serves as a good preventive solution for our own. And a quite good medicine for snobbery.
  • - For the five years of "ARTICHOKE" (ARTandSHOCK) therapy, probably, all fools have disappeared ...
  • - Not quite. First of all, Moscow is a big station where many advertisers "begin" their career. Secondly, some large network agencies have certain problems because they do think too much. It is possible in such a creative way to lower a bar that it will be indispensable to flush for the whole country. However, our country is rather multinational, so that the redness is distributed in regular intervals - both in the regions, and across the CIS countries.
  • - Probably, you had a foolish typology?
  • - Stupidity is a free bird. It can arise from the belief in the power of pop, and, on the contrary, from the desire to be different. The attempt of a pun can end in nonsense or even a simple wish to promote in one advertising space the incompatible goods and services. But, certainly, the most problems are below the belt! Looking at our advertising, it is possible to think, that Russia is located somewhere in tropics - so many naked asses here!
  • - Advertising is a popular object for writers, among whom are Ilf and Peters, Pelevin... What is more ridiculous - the literature or the real life?
  • - The life is more ridiculous. In fact, one thing is a book, fiction, quite another is a board in the road. But even if we balance fiction and the reality, no past of our motherland can be compared to an appeal to paint the lining s. And no funeral service with the name "Welcome" stays close to an offer of buying four coffins, and get the fifth one for free. So definitely come, it will be cheerful.

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