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11-02-2008 14:15
Changes in the competition program of the 9th Kyiv International Advertising Festival

KIAF organizers decided to adjust the contest program of the 9th Festival based on their previous years experience and modern ideas of international festival movement.

Here they are:

  • - There are no "Expositional Design" and "Advertising Constructions" contests at the Festival any more. Instead, we introduced "Outdoor&Indoor design" contest, which will be assesed by the designers jury. The jury consists of specialists with experience in working with interiors and volumetric constructions.
  • - Transit advertising is now combined with the posters contest. This contest will be evaluated by the main Creative jury.
  • - The bonus contest "Humor in advertising and advertising parody" does not exist any more due to the low level of contest works sent to the Festival over several past years.
  • - The Alternative advertising contest (for non-traditional and ambient media) is now one of the categories of "Media projects" contest. Media jury will evaluate this contest' works.
  • - A new "Corporate film" contest has appeared at the Festival along with the new jury (Film jury). This jury will mainly consist of production studios representatives.
  • - Moreover, almost all categories of the contests were adjusted. Some of them were combined and some were set at separate nominations. These adjustments were made to balance the competition and level the number of contest works in every category.
All these corrections were made for the prosperity of the mankind, i.e. your prosperity, dear Festival participants.

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