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Партнер номинации "Звезды в рекламе"
22-05-2008 07:48
The Creative Strength from «SUN Event» or … everyone goes to «Х»!

The creativity as the concept, the phenomenon and the process "grasps" confidently every new field possible, and more often - the field of advertising. But even the most inexhaustible stream of creative thought has the property to be exhausted and "to brake". 

Dear advertisement makers who fill the progress engine with the "oil of creativity"!

From May, 28th till May, 30th within the limits of the 9th IKFA there is a special event for you!!!

The official event-agency of the 9th IKFA, "SUN Event" will present the newest creation accomplished on the basis of the last technologies of the creativity and the positivism movements under the name "X" [IKS -the Emitter of the Creative Strength]! 

This grandiose invention, by means of "SUN Event", has a direct communication with the Sun, thanks to what it charges people with the Energy of Creativity! Moreover -  with a 12 months guarantee! The one who will test on himself/herself the effect of «X» will be visited by fantastic as to the content and ingenious as to the form ideas - the whole year round! He will be able to discern thoughts of advertisers fluently and to read by syllables  thoughts of managers!

Each interested person can be inspired by the creative energy and the «X» force here, in the Festival of Advertising, where for the first time this wonderful device will be presented and tested on advertisement makers!

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