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20-05-2008 07:04
5 Star Event (Podiya Pyat Zirok), Non-virtual Blog Tracing the Real Affairs


"Dva Tovariscsha" ("Two Comrades") and Sostav.ua  present a new co-op project, which the advertising community has been dreaming of for a long time. This is a special event-column on Sostav.ua.

It will start with the non-virtual blog at KIAF (language of a round table is chosen to be old-Slavic); all participants of the event market are invited to it.

Oh, how many amazing events the event industry prepared for us?! We heard about some of them, we attended others, even participated in certain ones, we did not pay attention to the rest of them, and, among many perhaps passed by worthy ones. 

While creating holidays and events, do we really know what we develop? We keep running without any break, we cook events like pancakes, not taking into account either others' or our own experience?

The great opportunity to avoid mistakes is to profit by others' ones. An excellent way to find new decisions is to learn how others have done it. We suggest accomplishing all these expectations and needs in a clear and simple format - a column "5 Star Event (Podiay P'yat' Zirok)" on the leading advertising Internet-portal of Ukraine - Sostav.ua

The column "5 Star Event" ("Podiya P'yat' Zirok") is available for the whole advertising community. During the year every two weeks already implemented event-projects of the Ukrainian agencies will be presented for a discussion.  The representatives of the event-agencies, marketing and HR specialists, and representatives of the showbiz will participate as experts. They will comment on the case-studies and rank the projects according to the 5-star system. In the end of the advertising year during the 10th anniversary KIAF experts will define the results and announce projects that deserve the title "5 Star Event".
All interested parties of the event industry are invited to participate.
The real speakers of the non-virtual blog are Gleb Timoschenko and Igor Didenko ("Dva Tovariscscha") and Maksim Lazebnik, Editor-in-chief of Sostav.ua
"5 Star Event" ("Podiya P'yat' Zirok") is everything you did on the event market, but forgot to tell the rest of the world.
Date, time and place:
May, 30, 12:00 - 12:50
Conference Hall (1st floor)
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine
Kyiv, ul. Bol'shaya Zhytomirskaya, 33.


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