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16-05-2008 07:07
9th KIAF new TV ads: advertising is demanded even in the underworld

This is the 7th yeast that the advertising agency B.I.T.A. Advertising creates TV commercials for the Kyiv International Advertising Festival. A new advertising story about advertising is already on air at main TV channels of Ukraine. These TV ads were shot based on the idea by Sviatoslav Spector's, B.I.T.A.'s Creative Director. The commercials author along with the agency's Art Director Maxim Ksenda, produced of KIAF's TV ads.

Скачати відео. 30сек.

Скачати відео. 60сек.

B.I.T.A. Advertising has many successful campaigns and over 80 awards from renowned international festivals, including EPICA, Golden Drum, MIAF and so on.

"The commercial's idea has appeared easily, - says Sviatoslav Spektor, B.I.T.A. Advertising Creative Director. - It was harder to choose it from other interesting ones. As for creative problems, the most difficult thing was to shoot the ad tactfully and not to push the limit in the chosen genre of "black comedy". But we can say nothing about the result as yest. KIAF advertising commercials are traditional examples of idea's triumph over the budget. Our partners always help us implement it. We want to thank the guys from BeePlane Films production company, Rentаl House Patriot (camera and lightning) and The Chimner Pot (post production), and certainly to KIAF's management for great cooperation".


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