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15-05-2008 07:36
INTERNET-OPINION nomination by InMind

InMind Company will present a new nomination called INTERNET-OPINION at Kyiv International Advertising Festival. In the context of the nomination the best festival commercials from "Social Advertising" contest will be chosen. The commercials will be evaluated by the advertising final consumers, their target audience. This assessment will be made by the research participants, namely the respondents representing Ukrainian Internet audience. The INTERNET-OPINION nomination winners will be announced on May 30th together with the other nominations winners.

The advertising addresses mainly to the research when its commercial effect and consumers attitude are to be evaluated. This time InMind will interview, by the means of its Opinion© Internet Panel, the direct advertising consumers, to know which ones of the presented commercials they like the most. The research will be aimed at the emotional component of the social advertising, its capability to touch upon an ordinary person. The research will include all spots from "Social Advertising" contest sent to the Festival. The results of the research will be announced after the announcement of the festival jury decision. It will enable to compare how the professionals' opinion on the commercials differs from the opinion of those to whom this advertising is initially directed.

The OPINION panel that is to be involved into the survey for this nomination is the effective and unique research instrument oriented to the target audience using the Internet. The panel includes the personally selected participants representing the whole audience of Ukrainian Internet users. Using the Internet panel for the evaluation of commercials is an easy and effective way of showing video materials and is a possibility to gain a quick feedback from the respondents. According to Mrs. Olena Zhytnyk, Marketing Director of InMind Company, the social advertising high evaluation by its final consumers will be the worthy award for the creators because they work firstly and exactly for these people.

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