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13-05-2008 15:46
Pustotin the Pathfinder enters the brand audit path

Vadim Pustotin, brand consulting company "Sledopyt" Director, will give a master class on "Brand audit as an effective brand strategy basis" at the 9th Kiev International Advertising Festival.

Current brand situation in our country dictates the importance of master class topic. Despite the fact that companies have invested many millions of dollars in brand creation and promotion, most Ukrainian brands are being formed intuitively, with no clear strategy and the right brand vision over the next 3-5 years. As a result of this, owners and company directors ask an obvious question: "Do we have a brand at all? What place does the brand take in consumers' minds? And how can we develop the brand so the costs for promotion would result in sales volume increase, profit, market share or high company value.   

On May 29 in the «Coliseum» hall of Ukrainian Commerce and Industry Chamber Vadim Pustotin will provide the most useful brand audit results performed by "Sledopyt" company. By reviewing specific examples he will show which brand development instruments have great potential now in Ukraine and how a competent brand audit helps control the brand and implement a systematic and reasonable advertising activity.   


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