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12-05-2008 06:54
New Contest and New Awards at the 9th KIAF

Do you want your advertising creative work to reach numerous countries and become an object of admiration of different peoples? Do you dream of standing at the KAIF podium and getting the prize while you colleagues enviously cheer you? Do you see your award not only as a self-estimation but as such that adds you material value?

In this case, the contest organized by the travel partner of All Ukrainian advertising coalition - TEZ TOUR is definitely for you!

So, the contest conditions are as follows:

The client - a large travel company TEZ TOUR - has at its disposal big and diverse transport park: buses, microbuses, minivans, autos. Autos usually serve Russian-speaking tourists and those living in the CIS and Baltic countries and travelling on vacation to Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Spain, Greece, Cube, the Dominiquan Republic.

The client is willing to use this auto park as an advertising vehicle (visual advertising on the transport) to increase TEZ TOUR brand awareness among target audience - the Russian-speaking tourists.

Obligatory components of advertising are TEZ TOUR logo, its slogan "High tourism technologies" (download corporate style elements here)

Despite the variety of TEZ TOUR transport types, participants have to consider one bus model - Mercedes MCV 600 Super High Deck in preparing their proposals to make contest terms standard. Advertising message does not differ on the country where the TEZ TOUR bus drives.

Please send contest works to the following e-mail address in *JPG format, horizontally up to 1000 pixels for the largest side, 72dpi, RGB.

Application deadline is May 23, 2008.

Joint decision of commercial directory of TEZ TOUR and managing board of All Ukrainian Advertising Coalition will choose and award the winner at the KAIF the 9th Final Ceremony - May 30, 2008.

Copyrights. Contest participants should guarantee the legal usage of all images, photos, texts and others proposed in their works. The All Ukrainian Advertising Coalition,  in its turn guarantees that rights of authorship of all contest participants will be strictly kept. Not a single idea will be published or disseminated without written permission of the author. Separate agreement will be signed by TEZ TOUR and the winner.

And now to the point - the prize for the winner. In addition to already mentioned cheers by the audience on the KAIF Ceremony at the Kyiv Ivan Franko Theatre and admiration of Egyptians, Spanish, Greeks, Cubans and tourists viewing the bus, the contest winner is awarded a weekly vacation for two in a 5-star hotel in Turkey, all inclusive and on so-called "high season", to be chosed by the winners themselves.

Participate! Win! Go for a vacation!

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