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29-04-2008 16:10
KIAF launches the audit of contest works

The 9th Kiev International Advertising Festival introduces another innovation in assessing the contest works. This year the Grand jury will not only form a preselected list, but also identify the facts of borrowing ideas in the contest works.

The Grand jury assesses the works in TV advertising; Print advertising; Posters, Transit advertising; Advertising photography and Radio advertising nominations.  

The members of the Grand jury work independently, with no the discussion of the projects. Works are evaluated based on e-versions. The projects that obtained over 30% of jury votes are preselected for further review by the KIAF Creative jury. At this stage, the Creative jury forms the short list and determines the winners of the Festival.

The innovation of the 9th Festival is in adding a separate column «Audit» in the Grand jury review protocols. Thus, about 50 creative directors from different countries will be able to report to the KIAF Organizational Committee about the cases of plagiarism or secondary ideas in works submitted to the Festival. In its turn, the Organizational Committee passes these information over to the Creative jury, which then makes the final decision about work disqualification in the case of obvious plagiarism, or about excluding it from winners list, in case of borrowed ideas.

Maxim Lazebnik, KIAF producer, says: «Following the announcement of any festival results (KIAF is a not an exception) there are the same questions in the professional environment - what was jury's selection of winners based on? The causes of indignation are also not too many. There are two basic reasons: the jury divided awards among themselves, and the jury team is incompetent, they did not notice the obvious secondary ideas in the contest works. The KIAF Organizational Committee understands that it is impossible to resolve all of contradictions between those unsuccessful in the Festival and the jury, and the jury will be always criticized for its decision. However, why don't we make an attempt in helping the Main jury which examines works directly at the festival under extremely limited time conditions? Skipping contest works through the sieve of the Grand jury consisting of 50 creative directors who estimate the competitive program not in one day, we increase the chances of detecting plagiarists. Still, they are not absolute. Another case is that not every case of allusion is plagiarism ... But that is another story ".  

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