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21-04-2008 07:24
KIAF and VIVA! Magazine present Stars in Advertising

A new nomination "Stars in Advertising" appeared on the program of the 9th Kyiv International Advertising Festival. It has been set up by the organizational committee of KIAF and VIVA! Magazine.

22 video spots with famous Ukrainians are available on the http://www.viva.ua/video/. You can enjoy watching and listening to Andriy Shevchenko, Klichko brothers, Ruslana Lyzhychko, Oleg Skrypka, Oleg Lysohor, Diana Dorozhkina and others.

Site visitors can vote for their favorite video spots with a celebrity untill May 27. Voting results and winners' names will be announced at the http://www.viva.ua/ site. Celebrity winner awards ceremony will take place at the final KIAF party organized by VIVA! Magazine on May 28, 2008.

Maxim Lazebnik, KAIF Producer, commented: "The most interesting spots are competing this year, we did not set requirements for their rotation period. However, this nomination is supposed to become annual, so only those spots which have been on air the whole previous year can take part in the future".

Oksana Oliyarchuk, VIVA! Project Manager: "Viva! is the first celebrity magazine. We are the founders of the celebrity magazine category. This proved the demand for the category and that this format is successful. The Ukrainian market follows the global trends - everything that is connected with stars is interesting for consumers, meets their needs and thus is easily sold and sells at the same time. This inspired VIVA! magazine to start the "Stars in Advertising" nomination. Over the last years, more and more advertisers want to connect their brand images with celebrities. We suggest to evaluate if these approaches are successful."


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