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18-04-2008 07:11
On May 29, 2008 the fourth ceremony Trace in Advertising will rule the floor

"Trace in Advertising" is a personal prize awarded to people who made an invaluable contribution to the Ukrainian advertising market development. The champions in the sphere and remain the best are honored by the Prize and worth rewarding by the Ukrainian advertising community.

"Trace in Advertising" Prize is a sort of the Ukrainian advertising "Oscar" given for contribution in art. The laureate can win it only once and keep it the whole life, since it is considered as insignia.

Nominees are selected every year. The candidates are proposed, voted for and at the end selected as laureates not by organizers or the prize founders - All Ukrainian Advertising coalition, publishing house "Halytski Kontrakty" and advertising agency "ADV-DVA" (authors of the idea) - but laureates of the "Trace in Advertising" Prize of the previous years.

This year "Trace in Advertising" Prize has a general partner, "United Communication Group" group of companies,  headed by two "Trace in Advertising" Prize holders of last years - Yuriy Kohutiak and Andrei Fedorov.

12 nominees were included in the list of candidates for the Prize-2008. Current laureates were strict and scrupulous which turned voting and candidates discussion process into a real battle. Based on the loud discussion only four nominees will take the floor of the concert hall "Allegro" on May 29.

Who will they be? Only those who accredit for the event will learn this at the evening of May 29, the rest of the world - on the sunny morning of May 30.

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