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17-04-2008 05:58
9th KIAF Detailed Program Announced

9th KIAF detailed Program has been finalized. The seminar, presentation and master class time schedule will be available at the see KIAF's website. KIAF-2008 will take place at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Trade (Kyiv, Velyka Zhytomyrska st, 33) from May 28 to May 30.

Festival guests and participants will enjoy Ukrainian, Russian and international speakers' seminars and master classes. Speakers will discuss diverse topics, such as branding, creativity, PR, design, BTL, Internet, corporate films, viral marketing, customer psychotypes, advertising effectiveness research, advertising photography, digital technologies in advertising and other issues.

Seminar Program will consist of the main part and special "programs inside the program", such as "Russian Consulting Stars" prepared by the Russian marketing consultants and business trainers and "Creativity in PR" program prepared by the Ukrainian Association of Public Relations (UAPR).

"We have already become Festival's traditional partner, - says Ivetta Delikatnaya, co-founder and UAPR Board of Directors member and Atlantic Group's Chief-Talent Officer. - We have been representing Ukrainian PR industry at the Festival for the last three years. This year we decided to take creativity in PR theme as we see the lack of attention to it. On the other side, creativity unites different communication branches and is interesting not only to PR specialists".

International Advertising Festivals presentations will also take place at KIAF. Festival guests will see the best works of Moscow International Adverting Festival, Golden Drum, EPICA Awards and Cannes Lions.


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