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Arnold Kremenchutskiy

Arnold Kremenchutskiy is well known not only as a successful businessman, but also as a producer, director and just a good man.

His star pathway began in 1992 in Odessa with a popular project "Maski Show". During the period of 7 years Arnold has been its producer. In particular this period became the best one for the whole history of the "Maski Show" existence.

In 1999 Arnold continued his activity in Kiev. Here he had recommended himself as a talented producer very quickly, and even came out as a scriptwriter a director. Beginning from 2001 the company "Pack Shot Boys" (now known as "PSB films") - the main project of Arnold Kremenchutskiy came into existence. A great amount of popular TVC were shot under his direct guidance, and some projects, in which Arnold appeared as a director were marked in the top All Ukrainian awards.

Since 2008 Arnold and his team has broadened the focus of interest and engaged in shooting a full-length film.

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