May 31 - June 3 2005, "Dom Kino"

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The 6th KIAF corporate style concept: Mr. Lemons advertising agency, Riga



/ Rules / Prizes of the Festival 

Prizes of the Festival 

Contest program consists of 16 contests.

One winner is defined per each contest. The winner is awarded with Best contest entry prize.

Every contest consists of contest categories (nominations). In every category first (gold), second (silver) and third (bronze) places are awarded and finalists (short-list) are defined. Should all votes be equal, the head of the jury may decide to award 2 (two) first, 2 (two) second and 3 (three) third places. The jury also has a right to refuse awarding if violations of rules of participation have occurred.

Jury may decide on awarding special prizes.

After discussing the winners in all contests, except alternative advertising, the Head of the jury selects the best entry after consultations with the jury. The Grand-prix is awarded to the best entry.

Entry, selected for the Grand-prix, may not the best entry in certain contest.

The contestants rating is carried out in the end of the competition with addition of extra points for the Festival awards.

The Best Agency title is awarded to the first place contestant.

Other festival (June 1 2004 June 3 2005) award-winning agencies are also reviewed at the Festival. The most Creative agency is the one, which has the biggest number of points.

Following festivals are reviewed in 2005: Cannes Lions 2004, Golden Drum 2004, Golden Hammer 2004, Moscow International Advertising Festival 2004, EPICA Awards 2004, Minsk Euroline Festival 2005, Kazan Festival DaEzh! 2005, Saint-Petersburg Festival Dialog 2005.

Victory, prize, reaching the final or special prize (attention: except special partner and sponsor prizes) earns following points*:


  • TV, Print, Outdoor 2 points
  • Advertising campaigns, media, DM, PR, BTL 2 points
  • Other plus special prizes 1 point

3rd place (bronze)

  • TV, Print, Outdoor 3 points
  • Media, DM, PR, BTL 3 points
  • Advertising campaigns 4 points
  • Other 2 points

2nd place (silver)

  • TV, Print, Outdoor 4 points
  • Media, DM, PR, BTL 4 points
  • Advertising campaigns 5 points
  • Other 3 points

1st place (gold)

  • TV, Print, Outdoor 7 points
  • Media, DM, PR, BTL 7 points
  • Advertising campaigns 8 points
  • Other 5 points

The best entry in contest

  • TV, Print, Outdoor 10 points
  • Media, DM, PR, BTL 10 points
  • Advertising campaigns 12 points
  • Other 8 points
  • Press jury prize 10 points
  • Grand-prix 15 points


Point assessment approach of non-KIAF entries is using the following coefficients:

  • Cannes Lions 10
  • EPICA Awards 5
  • Golden Drum 5
  • Moscow International Advertising Festival 1.0
  • Golden Hammer 1.0
  • Euroline 0.7
  • Dialog 0.7
  • DaEzh! 0.5